"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as  a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast."

-Ernest Hemmingway


Severine Busquet

Severine Busquet grew up in France in different regions from “la Sologne” (about 2 hours drive South of Paris) where she visited many chateaux de La Loire during her childhood to “la cote d’Azur” where she lived in Grasse, the capital of perfume near Cannes.

She moved to Honolulu in 2005 and worked at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute of the University of Hawaii for 14 years. She has been sharing her knowledge for few years now. She is a tutor as well as a substitute teacher at Punahou School, helping students in Science, Math, and French. Dynamic and adaptable French teacher, she is committed to second language acquisition to broaden awareness of other languages and cultures and to impart diversity.

When she can, she gets in the forest or in the ocean enjoying the beautiful nature of the island.

Malia Schlesser

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Malia was raised bilingually and has enjoyed learning different languages ever since she was little.

She has lived in Hawaii for 30 years and has been an educator since 2001. Malia has taught French, Spanish, German, and English, and personally continues to study more languages such as Japanese.

Besides her love of travel, she also enjoys trivia games, reading, and being out in nature in our beautiful islands. Malia believes that teaching a language doesn’t just involve learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, but also learning about the traditions and cultures of that language.

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