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04/02/2021 - 04/21/2021    
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2021 Short Film Selections:

Frissons d’amourMiss Chazelles, et Qu’importe si les bêtes meurent

View online from April 2 through April 21. Concludes with a live Film Discussion Event on Zoom on April 22 from 5:00-6:00 pm! 

The Alliance Française of Hawai’i is pleased to offer a unique fundraising event through April 21. Register online, and you’ll receive links to three short films, with a total runtime of 63 minutes. All are subtitled in English. These are award-winning short films that have been shown in a few select festivals, Sundance among them. One of the films has just won the César for Best Short Film. These exclusive films are only available for viewing in the U.S. through the Alliance Française. Watch the films at your leisure through April 21, then join us for a live group discussion at 5:00pm Hawaii Standard Time on Thursday, April 22 to talk about the films and their messages! Short films often thought-provoking; note that these films are appropriate for adults (also ok for teens 18 and older). 

Frissons d’amour / Shiver of Love (2019)
Director: Maxence Stamatiadis
Starring: Suzanne Mouadian, Aziz Onatca, David Sitruk, Beil Beloufa, Anaig Kantarci, Helena de Laurens, Alain Della Negra

Description: In her fluorescent sneakers, platinum hair and shiny blue parka, Suzanne is not your average grandma. She’s always glued to her tablet or phones, firing off emails, using her virtual assistant, talking about Bitcoin… But nothing makes up for the loss of her husband Edouard. She talks out loud to him.
Her small apartment above the highway is filled with pictures of them together. In this strange world of hers, a body double of Edouard slips in between Suzanne and the ghost…

Watch trailer here.

Miss Chazelles / Miss Chazelles (2019)

Director:  Thomas Vernay
Starring:  Megan Northam, Alice Mazodier, Nicolas Teitgen

Description: Clara and Marie are rivals. Clara is the first successor, while Marie won the Chazelles-sur-Lyon Prize. The tension rises between Clara’s friends and Maries’s family, but the girls are ambivalent.

Watch trailer here.

***WINNER: 2021 César for Best Short film***
Qu’importe si les bêtes meurent / So What If The Goats Die  (2020)
Director:   Sofia Alaoui
Starring:   Fouad Oughaou

Description: High in the Atlas Mountains, the young shepherd Abdellah and his father are hemmed in by snow at their goat pen. Their animals are wasting away. Abdellah must go to find supplies at a market village more than a day’s walk away. When he arrives with his mule, he finds the village abandoned due to a strange event that has wreaked havoc on the lives of all believers.

Watch trailer here.


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